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Small Business Services

• Tax preparation services:
– Corporate: (Corporations and S-Corporations)
– Partner (including multi-member LLCs)
– Sole proprietor-owned businesses

• Accounting system set up for new and existing businesses
• Bookkeeping services and accounting

•ledger review
• Review of accounting function and financial reporting for improvements in efficiency
• Registering your new business entity with the IRS, state and local taxing authorities
• Advising on Payroll for business owners
• Filing Business Privilege Tax returns with PA localities and the Philadelphia Business Income and Receipts Tax return
• Financial statement preparation

Individual Services

• Individual federal, state and local tax preparation
• Evaluating events in your life to maximize tax planning and tax saving strategies
• Handling of tax notices to achieve the most efficient and appropriate resolution for you
• Representation before the IRS, state and local taxing authorities

Not For Profit Services

• Prepare federal application for tax exempt status under IRC 501(c)(3)
• Prepare state applications for sales tax exemptions
• Compliance with reporting requirements for the IRS and states

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